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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"

Wow, Very Cool and Strange

Very interesting movie.

The graphics were interesting. It was definitely a change to see a Mario movie in this type of theme.

You had a lot going on in the movie, stuff was always moving. The use of music videos was sometimes odd. Almost like they shouldn't have been there, but it's also something you don't see much, so it was also pretty cool.

One thing to work on is your lip syncing. It's really bad. I know making things lip sync is boring, but when done well it really makes a difference. Also, at times I could see you were using two black parts top and bottom as the scene would creep past the top and I could see a sliver of it (but I guess that's your border problem?).

And 18 minutes long. Wow. Very nice job.

JMartin97 responds:

Yeah that's the problem... I know it's a little rough but it got to the point where I would publish stuff and the sound would mess up... and the more content I added, the more that happened... so it was either submit now or break it down into pieces, and that would ruin the build-up I think. Next episode i'm going to work on syncing better !