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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"


was kinda confusing, shrooms and this flash don't got well XD 5 for music and effort storyline was.... well poofy? lol anyway kudos for effort

JMartin97 responds:

I feel that Reboot and illicit drug activity go hand and hand :D


"This took 6 months. 30 FPS. 18 minutes long."
I bet your about sick of flash by now lol
Kick ass story dude

A pretty interesting series

I thought this was a pretty good episode even if did get a little too random at some parts and look forward to seeing it finished. Oh, to people who not seen episodes 1-8, I highly suggest you do or you'll have hard time understanding what's going on.

Ok man im srry just i hated the story line

with a bloody pasion by the way but you did good.. i liked everything except the storyline so defenatly a 5 and i got on msn in the middle of it

JMartin97 responds:

Lol, what can I say? You didn't even watch the last episode, lol... it's kinda like saying "hey everyone, I am judging something without context".

However, each flash should stand on it's own... but then again... the purpose of a series is for the story.. and how can you review a small chunk of the story, then say that that story makes no sense?

I'm happy you liked everything else :P You will probably come to enjoy the story if you start from the beginning, it really is pretty long now, I think there is about an hour of total Reboot content. Don't be afraid to look back at episode 1...

...wow disturbing...

That was one really messed up serries... Some things don't make much sense, but hopefully you will fully explain everything by the last episode.

And if this is really going on in your computer, i would suggest getting another one.