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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"


So thats how files get deleted huh never knew that thats preaty nasty but veary good job on that poor hamster it was just standing there and the hamsters owner..... i dont need to say

JMartin97 responds:

Haha, there's a reason in the seventh episode the brown guy said "should he be doing that?" guess you will see! :P


gosh this is amazing. never seen anything like it before. will watch the rest of the series. i would, however, recommend that the silence at the end be replace with static.:)

Excellent work

I loved this one. I've watched this series since the first one, and each episode blows me away. The discontinuity in the storyline is perfect, and the Music vid sections are amazing. Please don't stop this anytime soon!!

twisted surprise

had to go back and watch the rest of the series once i saw this one... btw, you can't have something like this up and expect everyone to get it. wait til they grow a little older. then they'll see the value of some things that have a little depth and how it can rival such shallow projects that rely on over-the-top special effects to win over their audiences.. i'm sure you know your work well enough to know the tremendous compliment in that

from that respect i wouldn't take their poor judgement to heart. your epic story continues to give me a lot of strong feelings. i think you're truly an artist and i greatly envy such rich talent

you deserve to be very proud of your work on here... and although i consider myself a patient person i am frustrated that i have to wait to see what happens in this story

Nice music.

I particulary like the music vid parts. Very dark. Very cool. On the downside I couldnt figure out what the hell was goin on. Remedy that and youll be gold my friend.

JMartin97 responds:

pssst... watch the others and you will know:P