Reviews for "Following Your Star ~P~"

Extremely well done!

I can't help but listen to this audio. It loops extremely well and has a very nice blend of piano, strings and drums. I hope you continue to excel!

the feeling

Your music creates a feeling of energy flowing through the air. It's not just me from other comments I've read, they feel the same thing. The feeling of inspiration, hope, and purity are made manifest in several of your songs. I actually used several of your songs for a school project. The general reaction was "Holy shit that was amazing"
I simply can't get over the feeling of power in your songs. You know how to bring music to life.

I'm a big fan of your music

I like all the music you do and I hope you continue making more music
btw: bryce have you listened the 3 min ? or just 5 secs?

This loop excites.

I thought this song made fending off a kitty invasion seem more complex and more vital than it should be. It's a masterpiece of a track that I wasn't expecting to hear while playing a flash game, which also wasn't as simple as I thought!

I found this while I was playing "Bullet Heaven" on Kongregate. This was my favorite song. Time to go look for "Light of Darkness."