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Reviews for "Following Your Star ~P~"


I was waiting for it to get here! It's a perfect song for BulletHeaven.



Extremely well done!

This one a was a good one. Quick beats, flowing melody, and other things in there really makes this stand out. Your music goes very well with Matt's games(if he's paying you he should pay you more, if he isn't, make him pay you). It's hard to imagine that songs from you could improve, but in a way, they have and they haven't, but mostly, forget about the "they haven't". I found myself listening to this over and over


From all your songs, this may be my fav of all so far, still.. I'm still wondering how you will amaze us.

This song always put me in the mood for a quick draw, and thanks to this song, I already have made 2 characters that I'm starting, so I thank you.

Anyway, great song, and in a personal opinion, this sounds to me very... Very nostalgic.


i love it!!

i´m so dowlaoding this! it´s great to listen to!

I'm speechless. Umm... dunno what to say. It's pure epicness. Hitting the loop button.... It's been like twenty times or something... can't stop...