Reviews for "Following Your Star ~P~"

Kept on failing.....

failing in the game that is! i was more concentrated on listening to the song than at the game that a died a lot at first. lol. loved all the musics! XD

you enlighten and liberate me

This wants to make me to go bak and fix all the mistakes in my life. I've ben doing seven years of piano and I've thought that each practice was the two hours of dread. Now, his music makes me want to like it. In fact, I can play all your songs on the piano and heck, I'm just eleen. your music is inspiring.

very epic music here

there are some horrible song pieces out there..but now and again you run into those(like this one)that have such depth to them...


Oh my god, to be able to think of this and then take it out of your head and make it so other people can listen. You have my respect forever.

You had no Idea of how many times I listened this song in my cellphone...

Well, I don't know what to say, but this music is one of your masterieces in my opnion, the only thing I can do is thank you for letting us all listen to something you create with all your talent...

Its always an honor hear your songs Phyrnna!