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Reviews for "Following Your Star ~P~"

Oh my...

The song is so awesome. I think that this is your best song!


this pianosong is awesome :) it has an epicsoundtrack I think


Just because you can't find meaning in it, doesn't mean others can't :), but at least we all know reviews are often subjective. I personally find the song absolutely beautiful, with a lovely contrast between the haunting strings and the lively beat. Along with the title of "following your star," it gives me an optimistic feeling as well as a humbling acquiescence of the beauty of aspiration in life. Thanks Phrynna :)

I like your style!

You've got your own unique creative talent and it really shows in this song.

Among the Tracks for 'Bullet Heaven', this one most strongly sticks in Memory; it has a certain Infectiousness that makes it very effective as a Background, and I imagine it could be used to produce a very good standalone Arrangement (but that is not to say it is not enjoyable on its own). I found it very fitting for the general Atmosphere of the Game, which is generally bright and cheery, but sometimes surprisingly challenging.