Reviews for "Taking A Nap In The Jungle"


This awsome, I could use it on a scrtatch video. www.scratch.mit.edu

Its Sooooo Happy

This Always Puts a Smile on m Face cuze it has a catchy happyy tune :)

One wild ride

This song is crazy in all the right ways :D Reminds me a bit of the band Anamanaguchi, but these are just all around solid chiptunes! I love the sounds that are like someone yelling "Hey!", gets me even more pumped to jump up and down and throw my fist in the air. Make more like this!!

I love you Fantomenk.

If I could have my wish, I would throw my entire life away and spend all day every day collaborating with you. Or just watching this stuff get made. Damn.

wait what do I hear?

I think I hear a Invincible song starting and you know what that means. Keep the work up.