Reviews for "Taking A Nap In The Jungle"

Its Sooooo Happy

This Always Puts a Smile on m Face cuze it has a catchy happyy tune :)


It sounds like it should be in like a Sonic or Kirby remake!!


I could imagine hearing this on video game made by Nntendo or SEGA.

Mon dieu!

This was AWESOME! The melodies and beats are composed amazingly well.

You should Really make a BANDCAMP profile, and upload / sell the song (cheaply, please?), so that we can get to listen to the song in it's deserved glory. It's such a shame that we have to cope with a half-bad mp3 verson, when we all want a lossless .FLAC version!

Anyways: Fave'd, 5/5, 10/10, and most likely shared on facebook sometime.


...amount of catchy tunes, beats, melodies, and most of all...variability!!!!

Personally, that's what keeps peoples' attention :D Soo keep that in mind ;)