Reviews for "Taking A Nap In The Jungle"


this sounds like a donkey kong mix with tetris..lol

How am i supposed to nap D:<



Just amazing... nothing more. I give you a full score because this song definitely deserves it. As soon as a song makes you dance in your chair you know it's a good song.

I especially like the different transitions. From slow to fast to dreamy to happy etc. The title was also perfectly chosen.

There's nothing more to say, you outdid yourself. ;)

One wild ride

This song is crazy in all the right ways :D Reminds me a bit of the band Anamanaguchi, but these are just all around solid chiptunes! I love the sounds that are like someone yelling "Hey!", gets me even more pumped to jump up and down and throw my fist in the air. Make more like this!!

Brings back memories.

I'm not old, but I havn't played bit games for a long time, and this made me want to jump up, hop in a time machine to 3000a.d., steal a rocket ship, fly to an alien planet, and ride a tiger to the nearest game store and buy out all their 8-bit games, then play them till I died from pure mind-blowing fun. I truly love this song. If there are any games/movies w/ this, then i will be there as long as someone gives me a map w/ X marks the spot(just kiddin, just tell me where{not really[okay, I want it now!!!]}) MANN... what game still have as epic music as this anymore!?!?!?! Oh, and i WILL be lookin 4 more from you. GAME ON! lol