Reviews for "Taking A Nap In The Jungle"

wish I could rate higher than 10!

this is crazy good, this should be converted into a dubstep song or something, you did an awesome job on this, the way you changed beats up and everything, the melody is great to, its like sonic on a coke binge


This is just an amazing song. I'm like 20 minutes hearing it and continuing. Good job!

I liked it

Very, very nice. Has a nice chiptune feel to it. The melody is varied enough to stay interesting and doesn't seem discordant at any time. It got a easy, lighthearted feel.

It's rare for me to like an entire song like this for six minutes, but I can't say there was any part i disliked

If there was something you could improve on, I couldn't hear it. Good enough to download and listen to on sunny days.

nice tone!

this song is excellent!


man this has alot of potential really good job man definitley voted five