Reviews for "Taking A Nap In The Jungle"


I love the beginning and that beeping sound is something that never gets old. Fantastic job!

VG-music, modern way

I liked the Gameboy leads. The beat and samples made it near perfect!

Not kidding

This is the most epic thing I have ever heard on Newgrounds, hands down. The best, keep it up good sir.

Tried it...

It hurt my back, i think i was laying on a rock. Plus, a monkey stole my shoes...do you know how much it sucks to walk through a jungle barefoot? Lol just kidding, but in all seriousness, one of the best songs i've heard on newgrounds thus far. Sounds like it was ripped right out of a Nes or Snes game, would go along great with any game soundtrack.

Great work, I really enjoyed it.

This is the greatest song on NG I've ever heard.


A truly exemplary tune. Never once in the 6 minutes and 35 seconds of paradise does the outstanding song die down. I am honestly speechless. I cannot think of a single thing that could possibly make this better, it is simply beyond reproach. Astonishing job, you're my new hero.