Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

Freaken Fantastic!

By far the best Shyguy ever!
Great Job on the animation

10/10 5/5
(All my fives are belong to this)

~Shadow Dinosaur~


really nicely done 5 out of 5 and 10 out of 10 :)
keep it up! >:D<


One of the better sprite movies I've seen, it got everything right. A totally overdone shy guy, a Portal reference and excellent use of sprites. It's AWESOME. Nice job!


There is an easter egg on this site and i think the main site. The Chomp rock n roll. If you watch it twice then the face on the rock will change to the :3 instead of the sharp teeth. Also that was my favorite episode. Silly yoshi dont turn into monkey!

lol a hidden video

if you right click and press "Play" you will see Chomp Rock N' Roll but instead of the rock having a Chom chom face, it will have a :3 face.