Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

I mean...

You sprite customing skills are just out of this world...
Pixelly or not... you are a truly creative person when it comes to sprite movies!
I love all ya movies... including spitting narcissism and thwops 1-3 plus the movie.

Keep on spriting Psycosis91!


i liked the last one the best the others were pretty slow so i wasnt expecting much but the last one was great good job

Very funny indeed!!

Liked it very much!Funny, creative, graphical,synchronized,funny,and funny....Liked all 3 shorts, especially the last one. 5/5 10/10

Random character, but great animation

Yeah, Awesome Guy is kind of random, but it's great how you turned basic Yoshi's Island sprites into an amazing animation. This is... Awesome!

so cool

Cool and funny