Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

I knew it!

I voted on this when it was in judgment! I gave it a five! I knew it would succeed!

OMG hahaha XD

OMG that was so funny i almost fell out of my chair at the moon part X'D , Yay for randomness :P

Prue Awesomeness

Now normally I hate sprite Flash, but you really made this your own with the additional 3D elements and such. Shows that you really put effort into this and didn't use the sprites as a crutch.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Yoshi's Island was one of my favorite games growing up, and shy guys are my favorite minions ever.

Great job.

As usual... hilarious!!!

Loved the little bit of music that played when awesome guy tranformed in the 2nd movie, havent heard he Cubot music in forever, though honestly, i dont miss it lol. I am curious about the song that plays when the moon falls in the third one though. The randomness of the 2nd one was funny, and the other two were no less then amazing as usual from the person who made "Thwomps the movie"

That was funny

lol i liked that game when i had like 8 yrs , and that moon happy face was really anoying.