Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"


OMG this is like the greatest flash ever.


It's great! I really like the idea of this movie, it's well done as always, and overall neat!
But what's the song played when the moon falls down? I couldn't find it in credits (or I am so dumb ;P ).


Good movies.

Hey, these are damn good movies! Quite entertaining, and very well made.

However, I think that people who have not played Yoshi's Island on the gameboy advance may not totally understand what is going on, as in the 'Transformer Trauma' episode.

Still overall, a very good effort and outcome.



I love the last part......hehehe....nice work dude.

awesome indeed lol

the only bad ITS TOO SHORT i hope see other things of awesome guy the last one was funny i like the "reference" of thwomps the movie