Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"


I loved the third short, that had me laughing. xD Good job. :3


Loved it.
Pleeeease make it longer if possible.
I looove how you've done that =] So effing awesome ^^

:D :D :D

PORTAL! instant 5/5! well done

short and sweet

i could'nt give it a ten even though i wanted to its just to short.
but i love the yoshi's island theme.

please for the love of god make more of these

Great Flash

I really enjoyed this. Back in the day, I played Yoshi's Island avidly. It was actually the first video game I ever won. For a lot of these things, you had to have played Yoshi's Island to fully enjoy the humor. Although to someone who has actually played the game, this really brings back memories. Good job.