Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

It was ok

It was ok. The animation was awesome and musics were great too.

But it was rather boring. I couldn't really tell were those stories supposed to be jokes or just displays of great graphics.

Although I loved the 3rd one, which was great.

Haven't ever played Yoshi's Island, but I keep hearing that it's ok.


i liked the idea of destroying some mario stuff, good work there is there going to be a sequel? with better graphics?and could you include MASTER CHIEF in it?


lol Lovlee Daisee Was the best!


yoshis island is my favorite game ever good speed really funny

Awesome, Guy.

I really loved the game this was based on too. It would piss me off aLOT. But it had some great content in it. Good choice basing the video out of that game.