Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

pretty good

i liked it

Genius XD

At first glance, I didnt think it would be any good. Then I realized it was by psycosis! You are one of the very few artists with amazing spriting skills ive seen so far. Anyway, the scenes were great! I enjoyed the transformation sequence in scene 2, and the entire scene 3. I totally didn't see the moon thing coming. That was awesome :D

Great job! I'd love to see more shorts like this!

ok first movie review ^^

i loved the yoshi island game (i was 12)!!
and the movies was ok but only the last movies was rly funny ;)


Yoshis Island is a fun game in itself, making flash videos with it made them dope too. I liked the third one best, you made the Awesome Guy look like an actual character in the game which i thought was impressive. Keep it up.


really good command of flash, nice music and concepts