Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

" lol but it could have been better "

those of us who actullay played yoshis island will know that in the third short the moon isnt that big, really

what should of happend is that the moon lands next to teh shyguy with that farting sound you sometimes here when stuff like that happens


very funny

the end was hilarious he was all like oooo snap!

yery nice keep up the good work


decent... not all that as others proclaimed it to be but i like it. u should have a sequal.

Amazingly well done.

This is probably one of the best sprite movies I have ever seen on this site. You incorporated a lot of hard to find sprites and then made great three sketches with them. Very well done. All of them either made me laugh of at least chuckle. Nice animation and humor!


Very entertaining comrade

It was very funny and it had quite the fun style to it. Adding in my childhood's favorite game of Yoshi's Island helped I guess. I probably shouldnt say that since it is really cheating. But hey who is going to know? Keep up the good work comrade.