Reviews for "Awesome Guy Adventures"

Excellent work

That was simply amazing! Three flashes in one and with such a fun menu, my favorite was the third movie, that song cracks me up all the time! Anyone who sees this review, WATCH THE MOVIES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!!!


Everything was awesome about this movie. The sound was awesome. The visuals were awesome. Awesome man just awesome!


That was very fun, the Portal joke made me LMAO!
Portal could be a very interesting flash idea, but when you look for portal on newgrounds theres almost nothing =S.
Awesome guy is very lol, he looks like he never been there (well, i've never seen him). In 2 words...
Excellent Work!

Lol, that movie was so cute

Awesome guy is so adorable you just wanna pick him up and give him a big hug, yet you might burn to death. ^^;

The video was good, I didn't see any problems with it really, the animation was very smooth with all 3 small videos. My personal favorite is the one with the love struck daisy, lol, that made me laugh the most. Your sprite work is excellent, one of the best sprite movie makers I know on Newgrounds. You should put Awesome guy in his own little series like you did with the Thwomps, that would be really cool. I'd watch it. =D

Excellent movie overall.



With that giant baseball rushing towards the island, you could've maken a perferct FuriKuri-reference... =(
Well, chance wasted.

BUT the portal joke was hilarious!
Nice cartoon, anyways.

greez from Austria