Reviews for "Error of Genocide"

It was nice

Hey I think It was a nice song to go with the animation.Hey how do you make the word fade in and out like that?? Im doing my movie now and thatll be alot better.Hey people Vote for this its kool!

Valfire responds:

I made this movie for experimental purposes. Glad you like it.
Convert text to a symbol,stick it in a motion tween,change its alpha to negative 100.

Not bad if you want to see a video fora sad song.

The city scene was well done buit i think you should change the song. Here are my suggestions.

Blink 182-Apple Shampoo
Me First an the Gimme Gimmes-Leaving on a JetPlane
New Found Glory-Dressed to kill

Valfire responds:

Thanks for the idea,but this experiment is done. I will make a few more music video thingies. But not for a while. But I will keep these in mind when I make them!

Great movie!!

I lurk around the ng portal and this is the best sprite movie i have seen in a while soon ill be posting mine which is si milar but uses creed's song my sacrafice!

Valfire responds:

Thanks! I look forward to seeing yours!


Well, It was ok while the music was playing...but it just kept going and I still can't figure out why.

You needed a better ending, preferably funny.

Valfire responds:

Your right. I will make my next ones funny.
It is just a music video thingy.


Its was ok a bit boring way to long make it shorter!

Valfire responds:

It was just for flash experience.
I think I got the dissapearing thing burned into memory now. =)