Reviews for "Error of Genocide"

Pac man rules

no good on anything but the fact that its pac man

Valfire responds:

Flash by freek90:
- none -

This isnt a game.

A strange parody on final fantasy.
A movie without story.

Valfire responds:

Thanks for telling me!
I forgot to flick the movie/game thing.
Yeah it is a weird little flick. =p

your not gonna like what I have to say. . .

You freaky, sprite-stalking weirdo! They have a word for people like you. . .I don't know what it is, but I'm sure it's not good. . .

Valfire responds:

You think your a fuckin porn-star?
Your probably Gary Glitter, and you think im a sprite stalking weirdo....Fuckin nazi..

Pretty decent, even if it is a bit lacking.

I like the whole Seiken Densetsu series, so I instantly felt a wee liking towards this.

The song was nice, it suited the animation well, and the sequence is done decently.

I particularly liked the part where he travelled across town.

However, the whole thing leaves you a bit wanting, and the end seems a bit cliched...

Valfire responds:

;) Scottish, you must be a good guy!

The only thing good out of this is the song.Ever

Everything else just sucked.

Valfire responds:

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