Reviews for "Crafting (320kbps)"


it is really good that is real respect from me :P


This song somehow definitely captures the feel for Minecraft. I'd replay this over and over again while "crafting" even if it's repetitive (which I don't see as bad with this song). Nice job man! :D It has a great uplifting and liberating atmosphere. I wouldn't hate to hear more of this ;)

TUNEIT responds:

Thanks Yurlyn :)

I'll let you know i fi makemore liek this some day.

Gm Eb F

Very nice feeling listening to this track. Despite loud and crisp timbre, I think it sounds....relaxing somehow. Repetitive, but still nice.

The pad-and-choir-like sound played in the background could use some touches to blend in with the song. It sounds a little bit detached to me though. :)

TUNEIT responds:

Thanks for the review.
I must admit, i didn't put much effort into it, i just made it to kill some time.
I spent less than an hour on it :P