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Reviews for "Homeless Clown"

good work

lip sync need some work it seems a bit off, good animation tho.
looking forward to seeing the completed project if there is one.


Chris, like your comment says, it is a quick character animation, and it's a good one at that. Wether or not it requires submitting to the Flash portal in its current state is another thing. I though the graphics were really good, and just the sort of illustration I like to see in Flash files. However, the chain-smoking clown and his constant offer of confectionary-base goods became disturbing after a while. I'd love to see this character back again, and I hope you take this idea further. Good effort.

Too Short

You have good talent, good animation, and do great with sound, but I suggest you push that to the next level. Please don't think of this review as bad, but not good too. Use Newgrounds not to test things, but to show more of your talent. That is all I have to say.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Great Talent
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Too Short


Like the artwork, but not the endless loops. If only you made a story. You can get a good amount of viewers and fans if you only make your flashes longer, more characters, more music and sounds, and loopless.


stream your audio especially when your doing voice synching