Reviews for "Mush for Brains -SEIZURE WARNING-"

damn you weren't kidding, this is a lot of colors...

it hurts my eyes, but i still like to look at it-that's how good it is

so cool! love the colors :D

Really have the most girly art profile I've seen in a while. Nowadays saying that wouldn't even be considered a compliment. Oh well. A true flourish of color and sparkles . . . and mushrooms . . . lots and lots of mushrooms. Can really see the splash of joy and imagination on the canvas. Pretty consoling since I haven't been in the best of spirits for . . . quite some time now. Don't always tend to look out for things like this but it pulls you in like a whirlpool. A very unique style to say the least. But I'm sure everyone says that. Keep on shining, mushroom child.

Woah!!! Tye die Psychodelic I am guessing you are beyond the normal level of stress...Like crushing make a diamond kind of stress and pressure...