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Reviews for "Pico 2 Gameplay Demo"


the ireland flag kicks arse

Listen to Ice Demon

Why? Because he's a demon.

looks like you've made the battle engine...

ive been waitin patiently for over 2 years now and i havent heard a word about how much you've done for about 1 year and i just wanna know whats goin on, have you stopped and decided to leave pico 1 with no follow up disappointing tons of ng fans, or is it just takin a shitload of time but plz just tell me, im sure other people wanna know too.
oh well, see ya.

OMG THAT WASNT uhh that bad

that was pretty good. i like pixel games there cool. and stfu to you fuckers. fulp made this is what it is. if your going insult his work you might as well no have made an acount


i must say, if that is what pico is to become, thumbs up!