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Reviews for "Pico 2 Gameplay Demo"

dude hurry up wid the new one

plz hurry up with pico2 , how can it take so long??

The real game better be better!

Yo, Tom

Seriously hurry up we have been waiting a couple years for this game, man@!!!! Try and get it on PS2 or sumtin!@

not bad

Not bad. After all, its only a movie test. That's not really what it's gonna look like. Anyway, I bet he's working his @$$ off right now making Pico 2. Who are you to say its pitiful? This is not even the game. So Tom Fulp, wherever you are, good luck on completing the full game.


damn i bet tom fulp was just kidding, he made prob this flash in 5 secs.
Still u dont seem to understand this isnt his masterpiece at which he worked night and day....

Pico was the game that caught my attention to this site, and the reason i kept coming back to see more flash games/movies.
please send in a good demo soon Tom or better yet the whole game :D


i'm going to pretened i understood that and walk through this door *made no sense* and it was from Tom