Reviews for "The one second collab!"

Best Movie Ever!!

This is the best collab ever :) espaically cus im init lol JOKING!! lol but yeh awesome collab!! :)


I was in the collab to, And im in it, Very cool

Anyways, Very nice how the collab came out!, Many parts made me laugh XD

Nice collab

This collab was awesome

geeko 7

nice use of ieaiaio from S.O.A.D. over all i liked the madness it its all random and in no order wht so ever

Woot for awesome randomness!

This video is definitley worthy of a roflcopter, or a lmao or maybe even WTFBBQsauce.
It was like 4 sceond fury in one second video form!
Anyone who doesn't like this shouldn't look it up in the first place!