Reviews for "The one second collab!"


Some parts weren't great, and some were okay. Although for a One Second Collab, I would have thought more effort would have gone into some of this parts.

this is totally awesome.

It's like that wario game.

wait, what?

flash quality was meh, but the overall idea was good and well applied.

7.5/10, 8 because i loled.

Interestingly enough, it was amusing.

In comparison to the other '5 second collab' this one delivered quick punch-lines.
Especially work by Neil Sanders

It was different

I will give it that it was different then what I am use to seeing.. But I really prefer videos with at least some kind of central thought that drives it!

I did enjoy it though! But I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

(Oh and on a sidenote: Poo does NOT flush sideways!)