Reviews for "The one second collab!"

Woot for awesome randomness!

This video is definitley worthy of a roflcopter, or a lmao or maybe even WTFBBQsauce.
It was like 4 sceond fury in one second video form!
Anyone who doesn't like this shouldn't look it up in the first place!


That was so random! I agree with EviLatios! ... 10/10! >> Because: Random,Awesome,The Ideas of all of the (1sec animations) were great.

If those 41 seconds were crap i wouldn't give you a 10! BUT THAT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME! Soooo... 10! NO BUTS! :))))

P.s. If some1 wants to give a 0 and say that this is crap (This is no crap!) JUST STFU!


XD that was so random!




only 34 or 5 were 1sec the rest were 2sec or 3sec