Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

Great Game! A nice escape from other games!!

Great job on this much needed game! More phrases from that pesky dragon would have been nice like "you've almost got me" and "just a little more".
Very happy - must go now - I think I've almost got him.

to all who didnt watch the episode

To those who don't get it its from south park. I'd explain more but first I have to catch the dragon it helps me mellow.

omg >_<

this is the awesomest game of all awesome games!!! :D (the 2 ppl under me need 2 watch the guitar hero ep. of sp 2 get the joke lol)

I caught it!

i caught the dragon!!!

ok, i didnt :'( YOU CAN'T CATCH THE BASTARD!!!!

I caught the dragon

Beautiful game, I was on my knees, weeping from its splendor.