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Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

shits so dumb and funny

Guitar Queer-O

I'm so close to catching the dragon...!


South Park themed are pretty cool the game was kinda fun seems like there could be more too it I wouldn't mind more interactivity but overall this was really good and I will say congrats on the front page that was cool so nice job indeed hope you keep making games like this

More interactivity


Yes, I remember this from "South Park". This is a very authentic representation of the game. In fact, I think it's the exact same. I really don't know what to even say about this. It's just an unwinnable joke game. It's the same thing over and over. At least it's based on a funny gag.

It does seem like you're getting closer to the dragon. It just shows the same background over and over. It's playable, I suppose? I can't say anything else. It's just what it is.