Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

It's...interesting to say the least.

You get points for humor, but I'm sorry that won't save you. I think you should try again another time, with something with a little more substance then this.

no effort was put into this.

on most instances i would assume you where a n00b, and give you constructive criticisim. however, that episode aired last Wednesday, meaning you only spent at the most one week to make it. you could have spent loads more time on this, editing the sprites into a less poor quality, you could have made more backgrounds instead of just two that constantly loop over and over. this could have been a lot better...

best one yet

there have been quite a few of these submitted, this is the best one yet. i would like to see somebody turn this into a real game though :)


Awesome man, I just watched this episode the other day!
This a great way to kill time, I just hope other non-south park fans on newgrounds don't leave bad comments becuase they don't get the joke!