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Reviews for "Sola Rola - Gravity Maze"




it was ok. ok concept and stuff, but there is a problem with the game. it... skips levels or something...


Hey creator theres a problem:
1:Your screen is too big so you cant see all in the bottom of the screen
2:The last thing appears is some red and blue ball,some stuff and some room and sometimes some thingis show up at the light-close to the light
3:Do i need to wait 10 minutes for this game to load

I dont wanna complain or to M-BOt delete this or ban me but i just saw the problem im using Internet Explorer Browser and my internet is working fine as 100%

warm-chang responds:


I appreciate that the size makes it less easy to play, but early on we decided that reducing the size of the graphics would take away from the charm of the game, making the main charcters have less, um, character.
There have been a number of issues which can be resolved by having the latest version of flash 9 and IE 7, the game has been tested pretty rigourously within the time we had and the issues that remain are either related to specific setup issues or were judged minor enough to be livable-with for the purposes of hitting the release date.

Sorry you've had problems.


that was funktastic

bored quickly

it was ok but i got bored after about 15 levels, needs more excitement, but for what it is you did it really well