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Reviews for "Sola Rola - Gravity Maze"

So Different!

You've given puzzle games a whole new twist with this game!

i love this game

ii haven't played this game in ages. partly because i forgot the name of the game. otherwise i love this game

Verey nice

A wonderful mental workout. So simple a concept, yet so addictive game play. I don't mind retrying levels, and the music never really gets "old," which is good. A game I will enjoy playing again, and trying to get further on. The only frustrating thing, for me at least, is when I win a level by fluke, not by actual problem solving. Not anything you could or should fix, simply a bruise to my ego, and makes me try harder to solve the next puzzle, not flail around hoping for "happy accidents." a truly inspiring work.

Awsome Game!

A great game! The later levels are hard but the game is stll an epic! Keep up the good work!! I wanted to put a 20/10 :'(

Good game, Strange name!

It's a pretty good maze game! Most maze games are pretty rubbish but i had to think on this one! :P