Reviews for "- Dark Cave -"

i liked it

I THOUGHT this game was pretty neat it needs some polishing but other than that it was a great game. Some red dots as enemies would be cool if they were chasing you out of the cave.

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yea. only those levels and WAY too easy. needs some pizazz

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so what

I beat it

Not particularly challenging, though the last room almost threw me for a loop. I don't know if the hit detection is waaaay off or what, but I found little tunnels to make my way through to the exit. Not horrible, but it needs a lot of jazzing up.

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this is really bad you can't die and there's lots of paths you can't go through. the impossible bit also only took me about 20 seconds. it's a good start but could be improved quite a bit
well done anyway.

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Ok that's a start.. but too bad u didn't finish it. Oh well I think u weren't planning to anyway lol.

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