Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


Absolutely beautiful.
I don't think I've ever heard anything on the portal with this much beauty.
I enjoyed every second. :)
Melody, Composition, Vocals all spectacular.

P.S. I would love you forever if you hooked me up with some sheet music. <3


Excellent composition and vocals, weak lyrics.

This is an exceptional piece. The melody is so fluid and organic, and it compliments the vocals very effectively. Furthermore, your voice is absolutely angelic, and it drew me to the piece in a way that the piano alone could not.

With the positives established, I'll say that this song does have its flaws. The lyrics seem weak and clich├ęd, specifically regarding the first two lines. This, to me, detracted from the beauty of the rest of the song, because instead of focusing on the music, I was focusing on the dated lyrics. The only thing that redeemed the lyrics was the fact that you sang them, and still made them sound good even though they're intrinsically unoriginal.

There is no doubt that this song is much better with vocals and lyrics than it would be without them, but the lyrics, as they are, detract from it's beauty (which is a shame, because it really is beautiful). Nonetheless, it is still an excellent piece, and you should be very proud of it.

Good work and good luck.

Amazingly well done.

I give this song everything it deserves, for it's depth and emotion, it's blending and equalization, and especially the voice in it. This song will receive a well deserved 5/5 and 10/10 from me. I listen to it while I write, and it has helped me for my beginning to my book. Thank you for the inspiration.


Easily one of the best songs I have heard on here. The piano is pieced together wonderfully, and the singing is astonishing. After my first couple listen through, I picked up my guitar and played along. It actually makes an amazing back track for a metal progression. That's how you know it's good. ;)

hania responds:

I want to hear your guitar version of this. Please. It would make my day :D


best song yet omg i loves it thank you for making :P :D :)