Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


I always though that i would dislike classical music but this really takes my breath away... this song has a strange feel to it. The lyrics are deep but give only tiny hints to their meaning. The instumental part gives character to the song that amazes me. I wish I could learn from you how to construct such beutiful works of art such as this. You have a new fan! looking forward to see your other work!

i havent seen your work in a while

boy have i missed something!! this is freaking awesome!! the lyrics are powerfull and good. the whole sad piano melody in the backround is just perfect and the backround singing is creepy(in the best way possible).
awesome piece,make stuff like this soon!


Gorgeous, emotional piece of music.

Your skills as a composer really are quite astounding. The fact that you're a talented vocalist helps gives your pieces even more life, making them beautiful, fully realized songs.

This one is no exception; it's got a strong sense of yearning buried in the melody, which flows smoothly throughout, building and receding exactly when it needs to. And as I said before, your strong vocal delivery really brings this one to life. A truly excellent piece of music!

Voice of an Angel!

You have the voice of an angle! Just beautiful!

Dang this is nice

Its hard to find GOOD vocals on newgrounds, and i think i found some :D