Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"

work of art

this song touch my heart in the first ten seconds.


I love this! Your voice is so melodic and it sends shivers down my spine. This is beautiful, magnificent, splendid! It's touching, sweet, with a mysterious chill and pull. Keep making your miraculous music, Hania. I'm definately a fan forever and always.


Your voice is so smooth and calming. The music industry needs more voices like this. By the way, I've always wondered how you make a living? Posting on Newgrounds doesn't really make any money. Do you perform, sell albums or get hired to produce songs?


Talented isn't a good enough word to describe you and your music.

Your voice reminds me of Amy Lee, only wrapped in a prettier package.


The best thing about you is that no matter what style of music you do, even if i hate it, you always make SOOOOO much better.

So thank you for being so amazing and awsome :D