Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


Wow, this is brilliant.

Real legit talent here.


Just beautiful! Keep it up!


Hey Hania, this comment will probably be buried with all the other comments but my fiancee showed me tarboy (which was AWESOME). I am hooked to your music. You have a great taste in creation. Not to be a kiss a** but I think an artist deserves to be praised when good work is done. I think anyone who can appreciate music that isnt just constant loops with real thought behind it will agree.

Gaining Loss

I recently recorded a short audition for an internet radio drama. The lines were for a character who had to tear themselves apart from the one they loved the most, forever separated for the sake of their love's safety.

This was the song I listened to to put myself in the right frame of mind for the role. It just grabs you by the heart, not firmly, but with the cold grasp of emptiness and sorrow.

i think

i have rvewed all of your songsbut this one........ i lack of vocabulary