Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"

no i cannot

no world i cannot forgive you for consuming me and my youth... Im sorry
very nice song. might be a lot of ways to interpret.

no coment :'(

this is amazing. it's just awesome. you are with out a doubt the most talentet musician, on this website. ill let you know if i need this song too my funeral :)
it makes me so sad, and it has giant inpact on my. i can't explain how beautiful and awesome this song is :D


i used this peice in a short film i made and thanks to this song it turnd out great keep up the amazing work
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-leRK D5lQw

wow this is incredible!

it's so sad..yet..it is beaufiul..if you were trying to capture the sound of a fallen angel then bravo you have done it.:)

You know...

I really can feel how this music gets straight to my heart and touches the strings of my soul.