Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


I found a tear coming to my eye when I listened to this. Amazing work, Hania.


I'm not just some human listening to a piece and thinking, "She has a purdy voice."

I'm sincere. The emotional energy resonates strongly in this piece. It may be short, but that matters not.

I have favourited you and look forward to more of your work, even tunes like your freedom fighter racer piece (Which gave me a smile on my face. XD Haha).


amazing song and that lyrics are awesome with that piano i must say it is a great song ;)


beutifully composed.

however, i feel that on the first verse at he end (where you ended with "it seems")
lasted far too long. i felt that it should have i dont know modulated like in the second verse or that it should have been shorter. over all however it was a good song.

please continue. your work is as always better than most.

simply amazing

chilling vocals complimented by soothing piano and simply amazing lyrics.