Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"

Falling in Love!

This is the second song I have fallen in love with by you! "Alice is Dead" is one of my favorite songs on my iPod, but I think this one will give it a run for the money! I absolutely love your vocals. They are so beautiful!


If Hania was a Siren the Worlds Navy's world be at their knees.

hania responds:

I've always wanted to be a mermaid !!! :D

Absolutely Amazing

When I heard this, I was stunned. I first thought, "Wait, did newgrounds add some new thing for professional artists to sell there music?" Then I was like, "Holly crap! This is free!" You could be selling this music on iTunes, and I would buy it! 5/5! 10/10! This is beautifully written, and perfumed. Keep up the amazing work!

Incredible work

Your beautiful, melancholy vocals remind me of Amy Lee's work with Evanescence in the best possible way. This song is nothing short of a triumph.


This Is Another Song Of Yours That I Just Sit And Listen To Doing Nothing, Keep Up The Extraordinary Work!