Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


Downloaded, i love this :D

one word


Painfully Beautiful

You have a wonderful voice. I'm not going to say anything more, I'm just going to close my eyes and listen.

Hania: Still going strong!

Wow, just wow after seeing Purged I imediately came to this.

It's funny though I don't remember hearing the lyrics in the movie though but oh well!

Seriously amazing stuff as usual Hania I can't wait to see what other work you have in store for us!

Very soothing...

The vocals were beautiful aswell as relaxing! I love the flow of the song espicaly since the pace stays steady. The intro aswell is great as it plays a great build up to the vocals and the lyrics play a great deal to this piece as they provide closure for the song aswell deeper meaning all in all id say its a master piece! Keep up the great work and im sure you'll go far in the music industry!