Reviews for "Purged - Animal's Piece"


I haven't enjoyed a song this much in a long time!
Beautiful and different voice - I don't know of any mainstream artist that has everything that you brought to the table with this song
Well done :)

-Thumps chest twice with fist-

-Then proceeds to lower head and make a peace symbol with fist-



I have one problem with this, and that is your vowel pronunciation. I would recommend elongating (upward and downward) your mouth when singing a bit more, sticking the the main placement of the ee, eh, ah, oh, and oo sounds. I would elaborate further, but it's really difficult to relay over text, so I'll just shut my mouth. Oh, but a little more vibrato would be lovely, too.

Otherwise, though, this piece was amazing. I really, truly felt it. The piano was almost droll during the introduction, but still captivating enough to keep me tuned in for the real start of the piece. One thing that remains constant throughout all of your songs is the beautiful tone of your voice. It's harsh enough to pierce into the listener's ears, but also soft and soothing enough to make us yearn to stay.

On a side note, this is one of the very, very few submissions to the Newgrounds Audio Portal that I could listen all the way through. That doesn't happen often. Even the top 30 tends to become a bore after a fair minute or so. To be honest, I can only remember listening through your songs and Chris O'Neill's. Otherwise, they tend to lose their luster after the first run-through of the main lick.

I can't say I remember any of what I just said, so this review is probably discardable. But, I'll keep it, and leave you by saying that I really do love your music, and James' works as well. I'll always be on the lookout for what you two will come out with next.

Your voice...

Its so beautiful :,)
An amazing job!

Holy Hamsters in Space!

Another Masterpiece from one of Newgrounds Finest Singers Hania ladies and Gentlemen lets Give her a Hand *Aplauds*