Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Cube"

Yaaay Portal! :D

Nice Portal - Parody. Although the game sure is nice... 5/5


Awesome game.. Awesome flash. Insta-fav'd :D.. thecakeisaliethecakeisaliethecakeisal iethecakeisalie



%u0CA5_%u0CA5 So beautiful.


Weighted Compainion Cube!! I haven't seen you since the incinerator, howcome you didn't came to my party?? I HATE YOU WEIGHTED COMPANION CUBE, WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME?!!?!

other than battling repressed memories i thoroughly enjoyed this flash animation while laughing my ass off


Just... fantastic. Witty, unique, and, of course, it's Weebl & Bob. I only wish there could be more Portal movies like this. By the way, where did you get the background music?

Great work!