Reviews for "- Rhythm Fireworks 2 -"


Very good game. I love the songs and the gameplay. The graphics are pleasing to the eyes. GOOD JOB!


One problem, in free play, I played "open your eyes" three times now, and it still shows a 0% even though I got a 99%, a 96% and a 95%.

Other then that it's a great game, even better then the original.

Coolio-Niato responds:

I'll see if i can fix that, probably a really small bug somewhere. When I checked the other songs showed a correct rating, so possibly just a small number is missing in my code. Thanks for pointing that out.

Great game

Its great only thing bad is on the higher levels it does freeze alot even if your playing it on a fast pc.But in any case great work!

great game

wow, this game would be so much easier if i wasn't color blind. But i'm sure its great otherwise. lol

the great

Coolio-Niato is one of if not the best game makers on newgrounds, especialy when you pair him with cornandbeans music, there a force to beat