Reviews for "- Rhythm Fireworks 2 -"


the hardest song bounce complted with 100% as a price of a shit score of 21k BUT AWSOMENESS !@ ATTEMPTS FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome game, awesome music

You probably wont read this, but it would've been cool it you added more purpose the the color changing. Like, for example, A/green can be drums and you'd play the beat for the drums then when you press 'S' and switch to blue, you'd play along to the bass-line, you get the idea.
other than that me being selfish, great work!

Eh... So/So...

2 stars-Reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution!
1 star-A bit too hard. Why not add a tutorial?


im loving it. just like mcdonalds. i really loved the music I WANT MORE!!!!! *addicted*

Pretty cool.

Haha, to be honest, 3 colours were easier than 2 :D
Out of most of the rhythm games I've played, this is probably the most amusing :)

My reflexes are too slow for this ><;