Reviews for "- Rhythm Fireworks 2 -"

it seems

all your games have so much going on in them it makes it hard for people i think you should be able to cycle the colors with one button the arrows popping up on the screen where ever is fine but trying to pay attention to whats where what color what direction and what 2 buttons you have to push becomes a lil to much but its good

It was great!

i Loved it very much but i hated how you had to switch colors...first time i played a level and didnt know how to play i hit the button but i didnt hit it(the background was green and the arrow was blue) and i was like'Wtf this game is a scam' but then i hit the high score and then i was like 'Ooooohhhh...my bad heh heh..' but all in all it was really great and i also noticed one of the sonigs in high score is in the Sonic Shorts

Oh wow

I really enjoyed this game. Gotta be one of my favourite flash music games :D

Music and the gameplay was synced well and it we fun and addicting to try and hit every note.

Keep up the great work :D


Three out of ten

-I hate how you have to change colors
-If you click on the highscores, it sends you to a search engine, that's wierd
-The game is too hard
+The music is good

All in all, this game gets a three. It's terrible.


very addicting and challenging 99% on runaway